About Us

The Queens Learning Network is an adult upgrading program for adults who have been out of school for at least one year and are 19 years old or over. Most of our adult students have been out of school for many years and range in age from people in their 20’s to those in their 60’s.

Our programs are divided into Levels with curriculum developed by the Department of Education. Level 1-2 is approximately equivalent to grades 0-8 and Level 3 approximately equivalent to grades 9-10. This means some people are working on basic literacy skills while others may be at a junior high or high school level working on such things as Algebra, basic Biology or Physics, Canadian Social Studies or computer use. We are flexible with times that people can attend, both for the students here or anyone wishing to volunteer. Students may begin our programs at any time during our school year which is from September to June.

We are a non profit organization and a registered charity governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Programs are funded through grants from the Department of Labour and Advanced Education, Adult Education Division. Thanks to their funding we are able to offer these programs to adults in Queens County at no cost. Our upgrading programs follow the Nova Scotia Adult Basic Education Curriculum.

Our mandate or mission is;

To promote and provide the opportunity for adults to upgrade their education by raising awareness and promoting the value of literacy as well as life long learning.

Our goals are;